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ACP Media

“We wanted a single partner to be responsible for the storage, sorting, packing and distribution of our magazines”

To deliver 42 million magazines to their readers each year, ACP Media utilise The Whole Package.

In the high pressure world of magazine publishing, speed and reliability are critical. To stay competitive, magazines
must be delivered on time, all the time. For an industry-leading publisher like ACP Media, it’s imperative that their
crucial distribution operation is in safe and reliable hands.

When ACP needed a partner to take full control of managed warehousing and distribution, they turned to Contract Logistics. When this relationship worked so well for their business, it soon became apparent that utilising CourierPost and Pace would also deliver massive benefits. By integrating the specialised services and technology on offer from all three companies, ACP now have a comprehensive ‘whole package’ solution that gives their distribution operation speed, reach and control.

ACP Media’s magazines are distributed by its subsidiary Netlink, New Zealand’s leading magazine distributor. In 2004,
Netlink sought to achieve greater reach and efficiency in its distribution system. “We wanted a single partner to be responsible for the storage, sorting, packing and distribution of our magazines,” says Steve Eastwood National Logistics Manager, ACP Media. “We also wanted our distribution service to run smoother, faster and further, we wanted to take advantage of new technology, and we wanted a supplier that could deliver to sometimes extremely tight deadlines – to be part of a team. With this in mind, we looked to the local market for a supply chain specialist to provide a total business solution.”  Contract Logistics has been able to deliver all of this, and more, taking full control of managed warehousing and distribution for ACP Media and Netlink. Plus the integration of other services within the package, CourierPost and Pace, have allowed for improvements and new efficiencies in the way ACP Media’s distribution business is run.

Many of CourierPost’s services, and their technology, have been closely integrated into the operation. The most vital has been CourierPost’s provision of Call Centre services. This has allowed ACP Media and Netlink to streamline the way they reach their customers, and respond to sales, delivery and subscription queries more effectively. Pace’s fast and user-friendly urgent courier service has helped improve the way Netlink operates between their two key Auckland sites; offices in Freeman’s Bay and their warehouse in Mt Wellington. Using Pace and its streamlined, on-line booking system, they can send important deliveries from one another at speed, while saving on booking and handling time for their own staff.  For ACP Media and their Netlink distribution operation, Contract Logistics, CourierPost and Pace have delivered a whole package solution with a scale and flexibility that other providers just can’t match.